This is the second edition of the best selling 30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius.

If you are looking for the website for the first edition of this book, please follow this link.

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The second edition, retains most of the projects from the first edition, but simplifies the construction of many of the projects. It also adds a whole new chapter on using the Arduino Leonardo’s keyboard and mouse emulation features.

The projects as designed to be built using solderless breadboard and part codes are listed for a number of suppliers, including, Sparkfun, Adafruit, Digikey, Mouser and CPC.


Strangely I don’t have the table of contents in electronic form, so here is a screen capture from’s “Look Inside” feature.





Thanks to Gitsnik who points out that the code for the keypad locks is easily crackable by a brute force approach. See this for more details:

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