These are my books. Each book has a page which you can access buy clicking on the book’s cover image. On each book page you will find information about the book, including where appropriate code and errata for the book.

The books are listed most recently released first.

This book is written for anyone wanting to learn Python using their micro:bit or who wants to know more about how MicroPython can be used with the micro:bits built-in hardware as well as attaching external electronics to the micro:bit.



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Hacking Electronics (second edition) takes a different an altogether much less formal approach to learning electronics than most books. You’ll get started straight-away with a soldering iron and as well as learning how to make projects from scratch, you will also learn how to modify items of consumer electronics as well as get started with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


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EAGLE CAD is the most popular PCB design software for hobbyists. Its a powerful piece of software, but does not have the most intuitive of user interfaces.

This book, now in its second edition, will guide you through the process of designing you own PCBs using EAGLE. This includes both through-hole and surface mount designs.

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coverI love O’Reilly’s Cookbook series. Unlike traditional electronics textbook, the ‘cookbooks’ allow you to dive straight into a particular ‘recipe’ for a problem you need to solve. If you can’t do this without knowing about some more basic recipe then you will be directed back to that recipe and so on.

My electronics Cookbook is intended as a reference for the Maker or Hobbyist and includes practical recipes for most of you electronics needs.

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FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are configurable logic chips made up of huge numbers of general purpose logic gates. This book teaches you how to use the Verilog Hardware Definition Language to configure that hardware.

The book takes three of the most common FPGA boards and uses worked examples to show you how to get started with FPGAs for LEDs, switches, sound, video and even PWM motor control.

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This is the second edition of one of the most popular books on the Raspberry Pi. It covers everything you might want to do with your Pi from setting it up, to programming it and attaching external electronics to its GPIO connector.

The second edition added new chapters for computer vision and the Internet of Things as well as being updated for the new models of raspberry Pi and changes to Raspbian.


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 cover I came in on the sixth edition of this excellent book by the legendary Stan Gibiliso adding chapters on microcontrollers and Arduino as well as contributing a few updates to earlier chapters.

This is a really nice book to get learn electronics with. It includes self-test quizzes and has Stan’s lovely informal style of writing.


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 cover Programming Arduino is probably the best-selling book there is on Arduino. It wrote it for the non-programmer in mind, so the main focus is on learning to program in the C language that Arduino uses.

In this second edition, as well as a total update, and new material on OLED displays and Internet of Things projects including the use of ESP8266 devices.


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I joined this book of Paul Sherz’s at the third edition and have also contributed to this fourth edition. This is an extremely weighty and comprahensive book on electronics. Its packed full of theory and knowledge about all aspects of electronics.

My main contributions have been a general update of the material as well as new chapters on Arduino and programmable logic.


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  coverMake: Action is a complement to Make: Sensors. It concentrates on how you can control things from your Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Those things you might want to control include different types of motor, heaters and displays.

Make: Action also includes a long and thorough chapter exploring PID control.


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This book was a lot of fun to write. If you are looking for a themed electronics project book, then you’ll enjoy this.

Projects include basic switch and battery circuits, but also cover the rudiments of solar power and bicycle-based generator.

There are projects at all skill levels including Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects.

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One of the best selling books on Raspberry Pi, this book follows the same approach as ‘Programming Arduino’. It concentrates on teaching the reader with no programming experience how to program in the popular Python programming language.



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monk0071844643 Fritzing is an open source software tool that makes it super easy to draw great diagrams for your breadboard prototypes. However the tool is also capable of designing and laying out your own circuit boards.

This book will lead you through the steps involved in using Fritzing to design and create your own circuit boards.


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final_coverThe Particle Photon is a wonderful little Arduino-esque board that makes the creation of Internet of Things projects really simple.

This book uses a number of project examples to get you up to speed on this nicely designed board and its supporting software tools and libraries.


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cover This book should really have been called ‘The Big Book of Arduino Projects’. Its full of a wide range or Arduino projects from LED cubes to a Geiger Counter. The projects are mostly designed around Arduino protoboard. This means you need to know how to solder to make the projects in this book.


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monk I wrote this book with my son Matt. The book concentrates on the complex aspects of Minecraft such as Redstone and mods like ComputerCraft and qCraft.

It also describes how to make your own mods in Java.

I have to say that as things have moved on with Minecraft, some of builds techniques in this book have become superseded.

A bit out of date


This is the second edition of my first ever book. Most of the projects use solderless breadboard, so no soldering is required to make most of the projects in this book.

The projects are not perhaps as ‘evil’ as the title would have you believe, but as a project book to get you started with Arduino, its pretty useful.


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This book should have been called ‘Dangerous Projects for the Evil Genius’. It includes electronic projects like a coil-gun that fires metal pellets and a trebuchet that will fling a tennis ball a good distance.

This book definitely requires parental supervision. Unless of course you are a grown-up.


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This book is, if you like, the sequel to Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches. It covers more advanced topics such as getting optimal performance out of your Arduino and minimising memory usage.


Older Titles

The books here are all older books of mine, that are gradually becoming out of date or have been superseded by newer editions. If you have one of these books and need the code, or to find out more about it, then click on the cover image to go to the book’s page.

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Many of my books have now been translated into: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese, so please search the book sellers in your country for a version in your native tongue.

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