Practical Electronics for Inventors (3rd edition)

This is the Third edition of Paul Sherz’s excellent book. I have added some┬ánew chapters on Sensors, Microcontrollers and Modular electronics and the whole book has been updated.


This is a large and comprehensive book on electronics theory and practice.


3 thoughts on “Practical Electronics for Inventors (3rd edition)

  1. Tom Bruser

    I was about to purchase “Practical Electronics for Inventors” third edition via Amazon’s Kindle store but was stopped dead in my tracks by the number of reviews pertaining specifically to the Kindle version. Apparently the book contains a lot of diagrams which are at too low of a resolution/quality to be useful in the Kindle version (a lot of complaints that the details are too small, but when zoomed in, too blurry to read). Considering that authoring a 1000+ page book takes a lot of time and dedication to invest, I would think that you would want to maximize on that. I hope that you would consider working with Amazon on correcting this issue or providing an alternative means for eBook users to obtain the diagrams in a higher resolution format.

  2. Tessio

    Where is the errata page for this book? The errors are occasionally eliminated in subsequent printings?

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