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his book will teach you Python programming and some basic electronics without assuming any prior knowledge of either subject. The book initially focusses on Python programming, building up a Morse Code example using the Raspberry Pi Pico’s built-in LED. Once you have mastered the basics of coding the Pico, the book will introduce electronics, showing you how to use sensors, switches, LEDs, servomotors and displays attached to your Pico.


All the parts used in the book are available in a companion kit by MonkMakes Ltd. available from suppliers world-wide.

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Pg. 3 – the Pico can only supply 300mA, not 800mA (Pico Datasheet pg8).

Pg. 21 – C to F conversion text has 5/9 as the factor, the code has 9/5 (code is correct)

Pico W.

If you have a Pico W rather than the original Pico, the the pin attached to the built-in LED has changed. Please use the constant LED to refer to the built-in LED. For example:

led = Pin(LED, Pin.OUT) The book’s example code download has also been commented to explain this.